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DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Diversity is the presence of differences in a group. These differences can include race, caste, creed, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, personal beliefs, nationality, political views or affiliations, socioeconomic status, language, tradition, culture, perspectives, rituals, age, or disabilities. People who have been oppressed, underrepresented, or marginalized because of their differences.

Equity is the promotion of impartial behavior towards a diverse group of people. It focuses on practicing justice and fairness towards the distribution of resources and ensuring equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their diverse background.

Inclusion is what happens when you truly are welcoming toward people of all backgrounds. In fact, it’s not just about welcoming people from all walks of life but acknowledging and celebrating them. Diversity is what makes us unique yet binds us together as one. Inclusion is what genuinely creates the notion of true appreciation. When you give your community an equal opportunity to speak, they are bound to open up and be involved more intricately.

How can you promote DEI and foster a welcoming community?

  • Use gender-neutral words like ‘folks’ instead of ‘guys’.
  • Be respectful enough to use the right pronouns and ask if you’re not sure about it.
  • Host events for underrepresented or marginalized groups to give them a voice or a platform to bring forward their ideas or concerns.

In our conversation with Jephtah Abu and Shana Sumers, we talk about what DEI really is and how can we encourage communities to look at this idea as a fundamental necessity.

Diversity isn't just about having different identities in a room; it's about divesting power to people from different backgrounds, who can bring to the table a broad range of perspectives, and surrendering the idea that there isn’t just ONE way to experience the world.

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