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Enterprise Social Network

Enterprise Social Network or ESN is an internal business community of employees who are working in those enterprises or companies. You can also consider them to be social networking platforms but only for internal teams of organizations.

ESNs were popularized in recent years as a way to help reduce communication silos being created after the world was forced into remote work. It was obvious that most organizations were not prepared for a shift like that and had to counter remote work with a better online presence. A more prominent online presence lets you be more transparent with the rest of the team and reduces any friction that may have persisted.

Why is Enterprise Social Network needed?

  • Better engagement. Working remotely can make you feel disconnected and you end up not really knowing your coworkers as well as you should. People constantly sharing their thoughts and ideas (be it professional or personal) is a good way to know each other better.
  • Easier collaborations. Everyone feels more connected when you have a common platform where people are themselves. A centralized way of collaboration will allow people to only use one avenue for all knowledge sharing.
  • A repository of knowledge. Everyone putting all their information in one place eventually adds up to become an invaluable source for all kinds of information.

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