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Event Management

An event with respect to community is typically a gathering of individuals for something that’s happening. Event management is the process of planning and executing that event. These can be any type of event - virtual, in-person, or hybrid.

Why should you host events?

  • The main aim of having community events is to drive engagement and build your brand image in the industry.
  • To keep the spark of being a community alive. Everything gets monotonous after a certain time, and monotony leads to detachment. Events help hit the refresh button.
  • Offer explicit value and great content that will serve as an incentive for people to keep coming back.

Some best practices to host amazing events -

  • Give promotions a long enough runway before the event. The bigger the event, the longer should be the promotional activities.
  • Leverage all marketing avenues. Send emailers, have constant talks, and set reminders within the community.
  • Set the right agendas and don’t oversell anything. That age of marketing is over and it doesn’t slide anymore.
  • Go into as many details as you can by saying as little as possible. People appreciate brevity.
  • Put out teaser videos. Try to get your community to promote it.
  • Partner to collaborate with other big players and influencers.
  • Live coverage on socials, but don’t give away too much. The goal is to intrigue people.

Here’s a template you can use to announce events planned in the upcoming week -



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