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Member Discovery

Member discovery is about understanding and identifying your target audience before your build a community with them. The hardest part of anything in the beginning. The beginning is what determines what your community is, what purpose it serves, and what kind of members will most benefit from it.

You cannot just ask everyone to join your community and expect them to engage and converse. It’s like pushing a rectangular box in a square hole - it just doesn't fit. After you realize the purpose of your community, you need to figure out the right members for it. You need to understand what they do, what excites them, and what keeps them engaged. The majority of your community-building strategy lies in discovering your members.

What can you do to discover the right members for your community?

  • Define an ideal member persona and start from there. Draw a blueprint of what type of persona best fits your community.
  • Figure out where they hang out. What platforms or websites are these ideal members attracted to.
  • How does your solution help solve their problems and will a community help address these solutions more intimately?
  • Are they part of other communities? If yes, what are these communities for and what do they have that’s exciting or engaging?
  • Hang out in other communities similar to yours and see what type of people hang out there. Connect with them and strike conversations.

Go through the Member Discovery process and strategize how you can establish your community

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