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Online Community

Online communities are those that are hosted on an internet platform where like-minded people can come and have healthy discussions and exchange ideas on mutual topics. Online communities often serve a purpose and some even have goals.

The beauty of online communities is that they break physical barriers so people from around the globe can be connected in real-time solely based on their interests.

Why build online communities?

  • It brings people together. Especially in a world where social media has become omnipresent, online communities can help people make meaningful connections online without having to meet in person.
  • A lot of online communities empower and encourage others to do something meaningful and take a stand for themselves. A lot of online communities exist today that are dedicated to minority groups or underrepresented people. These people find peace and solace within communities which makes them feel valued and inspires them.
  • Communities can be a great way to unite people towards a cause or a goal.
  • Since the inception of brand communities, organizations have started leveraging community-led growth and have realized its potential.

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