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To Reactivate is the act of getting a member to start engaging in the community again after they had stopped interacting for a while. Some members are active in the community for a while and then gradually or abruptly stop interacting. Within the community space, the efforts taken to try and engage them again is called reactivation.

The truth is, most communities are there to serve a purpose, and when that purpose is met, members decide to leave. Other times, members just lose interest or grow apart from the community, resulting in a decline in engagement.



You can however develop some simple strategies to try and reactivate members. Here’s a template you can use to send a personalized DM to the inactive members after 7 days of inactivity -


Hey there {firstName}!

It’s been a while, how have you been?

Honing this community has been a beautifully complicated experience for me and none of that would’ve been possible without each member and of course, your contributions to the community.

But I’ve noticed that for a while, you haven’t quite been all that engaged in the community

If there’s anything that you think is missing in our community, and if that’s the reason for you slightly drifting apart, would love to hear about it. Would love to hop on a call too, if you’re up for it.

Hoping I hear something from you.




Of course, reactivation never guarantees re-engagement, but there are some best practices you can stick to for improved engagement over time -



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