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Scaling is the act or the process of growing a community. It involves using strategies and consistent efforts to scale the efforts and the impact of those efforts on the community.

Scaling is one of the fundamental pillars of building a community although it’s something that comes in at a later stage. The beginning is more about establishing the community culture, defining where the efforts will lie, and ensuring that there’s consistent execution of that plan.

What’s the right way to scale a community?

The truth is, there’s only one way to scale communities and that’s by giving control of the community into the hands of the people who are in it. Members know best about what’s right for the community and therefore, they are the ones who can build the community up after the foundation has been laid.

Once you start distributing control to the members of your community, they develop a sense of responsibility and it turns into a chain of increased engagement and contributions. That’s how most successful companies have grown.

Take Webflow for example - they build a community around the users who soon enough started taking it upon themselves to organize local meetups in their city. Everyone from organizers and attendees started as community members and is now playing a part in scaling the company’s growth.

Take Reddit as another example - it started as nothing but a single page but soon as users grew, users voluntarily showed interest in having dedicated spaces for more quality discussions. This is how subreddits were born and today over a million of these subreddits are run by moderators who are Reddit users themselves.

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