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Strategy or strategizing is the act of coming up with plans in order to achieve a certain goal. Strategy is what gives shape to your efforts in building communities. You can even say that it’s the cornerstone or the backbone of community building that supports how you attempt to and eventually grow your community.

How to build the right strategy for your community?

  • Come up with ideas that highlight your authenticity. Authenticity becomes your identity and its uniqueness is attractive.
  • Plan to promote your community on every channel or platform without making it seem like an advertisement. The best way to do this is by giving something of value. The value will eventually get people to notice you.
  • Conduct experiments and identify what are some things that your community leans more towards.
  • A lot of content. Also co-creation of content with known personalities in your industry.
  • Host events but not too often. Play around with the different types of events - AMAs, Office hours, Roundtables, Conferences, etc.
  • A good community-building strategy is to have a cycle of different ways to engage in a community. This will ensure a healthy timeline of putting efforts without exhausting both intent and value.
  • Of course, there are so many other things that come into play while building a strategy, so many smaller yet essential things. Reward programs, leadership programs, gamification, moderation - there are so many things to look into. It all comes down to what best suits your community.

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