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Taxonomy in the context of communities is the process of arranging knowledge and content into categories or groups. It’s essentially how the content has been organized with a clear structure and planning for members to be able to navigate it seamlessly.

How can taxonomy help offer better value in your community?

  • It provides for better searchability of content and makes it easily discoverable.
  • Systemizes knowledge sharing that makes understanding content easier.
  • Improves re-usability of content across various channels.
  • Creates containers of content that saves time for people searching for specific content by not having to go through irrelevant stuff.

Taxonomy is often overlooked in communities, but it’s a great way to stand out. Focus on creating an internal wiki or a knowledge base for your community. Not just that, organize the content perhaps by type, usability, context, questions, and more. That completely depends on your community, but the important thing is the execution bit.

Check out how the user community panel at Dovetail talks about the different approaches to tagging taxonomies.



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