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Tech Stack

A Tech Stack is a collection of products and tools that you use to run or build your community. From the platform where your community is hosted, to where you’ve built your knowledge base - everything accounts for your tech stack.

Some of the most commonly used tech stacks -

  • Platform - Slack, Discord, Discourse
  • Website - Webflow, Softr
  • Design - Figma, Canva
  • Automation - Zapier
  • Content - Notion, Evernote

Depending on your community and what your strategy is in building it, the tech stack can look very different for the same functionality. But there are 1000s of tools to choose from and comparing everything manually is perhaps not the most efficient way to go about it.

This is why we built Community Stack. It has been designed to intricately understand your community needs and curate a list of tools perfect for you from a database of over 300 applications. All you have to do is fill out a form answering basic questions about your community and you get a personalized delivered right into your mailbox.

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