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User-generated content

User-generated content is all the content that comes from users’ posts and organic community engagement. This content can be anything - questions, articles, product walkthroughs, videos, images, events, examples, and a lot more.

The goal of any community should be to focus on getting user-generated content as soon as possible. An increase or even an initiation of user-generated content is a sign of organic growth. Once community members start posting and engaging in content amongst each other, the knowledge base in the community starts building itself.

The more relevant, engaging, and diverse content is generated, the higher will be the quality of content.


If you build a school, you’re not going to teach all the classes, you’re going to find teachers with expertise in specific topics. When you start a community, you might create most of the content yourself, but your goal should be to encourage members to create content as soon as possible. - David Spinks (source)



Some more intimate benefits of user-generated content -

  • More content means more likeness of newer members to engage and reap value from the community.
  • User-generated content is reliable and free from advertising (for the most part). Content that’s genuinely helpful attracts more eyes and ears.
  • Can be used on web pages for better discoverability and organic rankings.
  • Doesn’t cost anything.

How can you push towards more user-generated content?

  • Generate content yourself. Take part in discussions.
  • Push members toward sharing feedback. Feedbacks are the easiest ways in which people engage.
  • Mention people and invite them to take part in discussions.


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