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User Groups

User groups are smaller groups within communities usually created as a means for people to connect, share ideas, strategize, explore product features, and learn best practices. In larger global communities, the sheer size can make it difficult for some people to share and have their voices heard. People resort to connecting with interested folks and creating local groups that can be considered smaller communities within the larger community.

User groups can also have an organizer or a coordinator who organizes group meetups or events. Groups can also be based on hierarchies or member roles i.e. groups of admins, moderators, or organizers.

How can user groups be beneficial for your community and eventually your brand?

  • They define member relationships with the community on a deeper level.
  • Members who don’t feel heard in larger communities might have a much better contribution to the discussion in smaller user groups.
  • Local in-person meetups further humanize the connections between people.
  • Better advocacy of brand as people are now connected with the product or service through more than just usability or personal projects.
  • Higher user satisfaction and customer success as the groups themselves help each other better use a product.

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