Where to find the right community manager jobs?

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Hritika Singh
July 14, 2023

Your profile, portfolio, and resume is updated. The upskilling sessions are over. You are ready to venture out in your new role. All you need now is serendipity.

Let’s look at how you can engineer serendipity for yourself and land yourself the job of your dreams.

Before we begin, remember this is a long game. It might (or might not) take more time than you expect. Buckle up, take a deep breathe and don’t be hard on yourself.

Let’s get to it!

1. Be a part of multiple communities

The first step of finding your ideal community role would be to be a part of multiple communities of your domain or target companies. Join these communities to look at it from a user’s perspective. This will help you understand the industry that you are interested in the most. It will also give you perspective on where you fit in.

Communities like CMX, Community Champs are built specifically for community managers. Being a part of these communities can help you network with and connect to fellow community managers and leaders from across the globe. Most of these communities conduct regular events and offer tons of resources that can help you in your job hunt.

Most of these communities have a separate channel where they post about the latest jobs. Talk to members, interact in different channels and network with as many people as you can!

2. Become a power user

Of your target community or product. Have a certain community in mind when looking for jobs. Join in and start interacting. The more interest you show, the more likely you’ll get noticed.

Share resources in the resource channels, be a part of the events and interact with other members of the community. This is one of the most underrated ways to get the attention of companies.

The role of community manager can get complex and difficult to quantify. Most companies are looking for community managers who understand the heart and soul of the community and can take it to the next. By becoming a power user, you have already crossed the first hurdle.

3. Cold emails

Some of the best stories are waiting for you to hit that send button in your drafts. If you are genuinely passionate about a company/community and can show it to them, it would be very difficult to ignore you.

Keep your email short and your ask clear. Explain how you see yourself fitting in the company and why you are the best fit. Serendipity can strike you anywhere so don’t just limit yourself to emails. Twitter DMs, dropping a message on a community - there are many options as long as you are not spamming.

Remember, if you don’t ask the answer is always no.

4. Newsletters

Many community newsletters like Community Digest, Rosieland share job updates regularly. Keep an eye on these pages to be in sync with the latest job updates. Subsequently, you can follow these pages on social media.

5. Job sites

The best way to apply to multiple places of your choice is to keep an eye on all the job listing sites present. This includes Angellist and LinkedIn. Filter in your choices based on location, experience and other perks.