Loved by fast-growing Community-led Organizations

“Threado gives our team visibility on who our top contributors are. Loving the actionable templates and ability to send targeted messages to thousands of members! It is helping us understand what members of our community really want and makes the life of our community managers a lot easier.”

Suhas Motwani
Founder, The Product Folks

“Threado can help us save several hours of manual work to activate and engage our Preflight Community. What excites me is that the focus is not just on analytics. The ability to personalize interactions basis members’ actions and set automated workflows makes Threado a much needed actionable toolkit for Community-led companies.”

Srikrishnan Ganesan
Co-founder, Rocketlane

“Threado has been a virtual-community hero for Sawo. With its bulk DM feature for personalised 1:1's, automated onboarding and scheduling according to user lifecycle, and analytics, it has smoothened our community management end-to-end!”

Prabhat Sahu
Founder, Sawo Labs

“Threado's daily digest gives me the pulse on the community and I can plan my day and set up my priorities accordingly. I'm also loving all the guidance Threado is providing on managing and scaling a community through webinars, blog posts, and the newsletter. Threado is now my go-to to get better as a community builder.”

Louise Bayssat
Co-founder, (YC S21)

“Threado has been incredibly helpful in getting insights into what's happening and identifying who our core contributors are. Their dashboard goes beyond community metrics and allows us to take targeted actions to increase engagement in the community. It's definitely simplifying community management.”

Joey Noble
Growth Manager, Demand Curve

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