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Hey everyone!

What makes a great community onboarding experience? It is not only about designing a system for interactions and sending e-mails to get the users in. It’s about creating a valuable first experience that your members won't soon forget.

Here are 5 quick tips that can help you understand this -

  • Be selective about the founding members
  • Understand their pain points
  • Make it easy for them to discover value (content, connections etc)
  • Nudge them to take the first action
  • Personalize the onboarding

Make it personal, informative, friendly and fun! We have collated some free templates and resources to help you build this! :)

Get FREE templates!

Build Your Community Onboarding Playbook!

Speaking of building great onboarding experiences, CMX India Chapter x Threado ft. Max Haining is happening tomorrow!


The workshop will be a powerful session where you will be designing the onboarding strategy hands-on with pro tips from the speakers.

: 8th June 2022, 9 PM IST


What's Community Twiteratti talking about?


Tuesday Tip



Good read!



It really depends



Speaking of onboarding…again



Let's solve this!


Answer the who and why


This Week On #CommuniTEAOnTwitter


He shares -

  • His top 3 learnings from your journey as a community manager
  • Tips on nailing events
  • How he prioritizes his tasks
  • What is he building these days

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Signing off for this week,

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