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Creator communities, learning communities and Brand communities are hot right now!  
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Pramod Rao
August 3, 2021

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💪 CommunityHub Spotlight with Marmik Mankodi, (AVP Marketing, Mosaic Wellness)

"We thought that while building the products, it makes sense to build a platform, which allows men to live confidently, not only by offering them products, but by even offering them a community of sorts." - Marmik

Chat Based Platforms - Slack vs Discord

Creator communities, learning communities and Brand communities are hot right now! The community has turned out to be the primary source to gather real-time feedback on products/content, learn about upcoming trends in the industry, and gain loyal followers/users.

Communicating with the users/followers through community helps build a stronger relationship than social media.

We also talk about a couple of top chat-based platforms for your community.

How do you pick a community platform? Here's how :

1) Define the Community Personas

Identifying your community personas will help you streamline the content, engagement and networking events for your members, basis which you can pick a platform that facilitates all/most of your checklists.

2) Solving Community Pain Points

Pick a platform that simplifies/automates tasks that lead to ultimately addressing your community member's pain points.

3) Understanding community motivations and goals

Define the engagement rituals and content to be shared, basis this. It'll help you narrow down the tools/features you would want to see in your community platform.

4) List down all tools you would need

Once you have the wishlist of features/integrations with you, pick one of these top platforms that support your community the most.

In the end, this choice usually boils down to Slack vs Discord. Here's a detailed blog on this topic.

🤝 Let's co-create Threado

We've launched Threado for Discord! 🙌

If you run/manage a community on Discord, sign-up now for early access, checkout the product, and let us know what more features would help you manage your community better!

If you're running a community (irrespective of the platform), sign-up here to join the waitlist.

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🗓️ Community Events

📅 5th August, 9:30 PM IST : Commerce & Community: Vol I. RSVP here.

📅 11th August 10:30 PM IST : Understanding the 202 of Security in Online Communities. RSVP here.

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