An Ode To The Women In Community

Welcome to the 56th edition of our newsletter. Today, we celebrate the amazing wonder women in community!
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March 8, 2022

Welcome to the 56th edition of our newsletter. Today, we celebrate the amazing wonder women in community! We will also talk about how you can book your FREE seat for the next episode of Community Hour and the growth journey of Hashnode. You will also find some announcements, community events, reads and jobs you shouldn't miss.

Hey everyone!

Margaret Thatcher once said, “If you want something said, ask a man, and if want something done, ask a woman.” Today is not just an acknowledgement of women’s contribution to society, but it’s a celebration of all the women in our lives who vivify the fundamental qualities of who we are.

As an ode to all the women in the community, we’ve put together a little something that hopefully brings a smile to your face. Let’s celebrate

Women's Day

By the way, this video is just a fun teaser of what we are coming up next!

Hint: We asked some burning questions to community managers from across the globe. Watch them spill their wisdom and wit in this new format! Keep an eye on our social media channels to spot your favourite community manager. We can't wait to show you this!

Threado Community Hour Is Back!

We’re proud to present the third episode of Threado Community Hour - with Cherish Santoshi who is the winner of this year’s CMX Best Community Manager - Developer Relations!

Book Your Free Seat!

‘Writing’ their legacy - How did Hashnode give a voice to the developer community

By now Hashnode has grown 13x as compared to when it started out. At its foundation still was the idea that content ownership is paramount when it comes to sharing information on the internet. Top-notch developers from organizations like Netflix, Google, and Facebook (now Meta) not only used but trusted Hashnode as a platform for content creation. Oh, and did we mention the biggest catch? The blogging service is completely free for individual bloggers. So, not only do you get a completely customizable tool for hosting your blogs within minutes, but also it doesn’t cost you a penny.Read it all in this week's case study.

Community Essentials

Attend the Community Leaders Institute eXpo (CLIX) in Memphis - CLIX will bring together community professionals from all industries to provide training, best practices and community building, helping you to implement them into your day-to-day operations.  Register here. Use the discount code "RDGUEST" to get a discount on the event ticket. Code valid for all our subscribers

From 0 to MVP with 100DaysofNoCode - “From day 0, we were big on NoCode advocacy. I started my NoCode journey with Notion. It became our internal wiki, later we also started creating JDs and posting hiring requirements through Notion’s public pages.” Read more here

To start a community, create a surround system - This blog by Rosie Sherry talks about how creating a surround system culture brings an abundance of opportunities. “You have people and conversations happening around you, what do you do once you have a 'surround system' set up?”  Read more here

Community Jobs

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