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Welcome to the 62nd edition of Community Digest. Today, we talk about the growth journey of Bubble. You will also find curated community resources and updates.
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April 19, 2022

Welcome to the 62nd edition of Community Digest. Today, we talk about the growth journey of Bubble. You will also find curated community resources and updates. Stay till the end to find out how you can help us grow! :)

Hello folks 👋

  • The time to start a community was yesterday! - "Yes, you heard that right. We are in an era where it is all about Community-led growth. Organizations have moved from the sales and product-oriented growth strategies and now understand the value of community building.” - Sharath Kuruganty, co-founder at Shoutout.so.
  • There’s no secret sauce to keep people around - "Some drift away, that’s fine, but ask them what they were there for and did they find what they were looking for? What is that they liked before about the community that isn’t fun anymore? What can be improved moving forward? You can’t force people to be in a community but what you CAN do is offer value, and learn what can be improved.” - Anamaria Dorgo, Head of Community at Butter.
  • Communities are built around rituals - "People always identify with communities naturally. It’s a kind of ‘ritual’ that sets you apart from the others. If you’re able to introduce an event or cultivate a culture that’s different or unique, then people have something to come back to, something they won’t find anywhere else.” - Cherish Santoshi, winner of this year’s CMX Best Community Manager - Developer Relations.

These were some of the key learnings from the previous episodes of Threado Community Hour.

Get a chance to experience this LIVE. Join us for the 4th episode with Max Rothery, VP of Community at Finimize - one of the world's largest finance communities. The session will be followed by a curated networking session with community builders from across the world!

Click on the link below!



🎈Bursting the Bubble - How two Harvard graduates pioneered no-code into the mainstream


Josh and Emmanuel spent more time in coffee shops than they did at home. Although the foundation was laid out, Bubble was still miles away from taking off. At first, Emmanuel was supposed to look at the business side of things, but there’s honestly no business to look at when you don’t have a viable product.

So, Emmanuel picked up a book on programming and taught himself how to be a front-end developer. Early-stage startups and tech entrepreneurs were itching for a product like Bubble.

And even though Bubble wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed at the time, the idea behind it managed to pull a lot of word-of-mouth traction.

Everyone wanted a taste of the new no-code product in town and there was no stopping Bubble now. They pulled their first customer in December that same year for $50 per month.

Read More about Bubble!

👀 Your Community Twitter Update Is Here!

  • We found one gem of a tweet!  
  • WhatsApp’s new communities feature has got everyone talking 👀
  • A great read! 👇
  • Get your flywheels today!
  • Help a friend out!👇
  • Tune into this conversation!👇
  • Join this webinar! 👇
  • Your key principles of community building? 👇
  • Your search for the best community consultant ends here! 👇

Nityesh Agarwal at My First Community Manager launched a coaching package to help founders and creators create an engaged community of professionals with limited resources. He's taking 3 clients for the month of May. Find out more about this and  book a consultation with him here.

🎟️ Get your free tickets to the Thriving Community Summit!

The Thriving Community Summit is happening from 25-29th April. Some of the greatest names in the community industry share their #1 tactics on:

  • How to design a community you can charge for and is self-perpetuating
  • How to attract and retain more members and convert them to loyal customers
  • How to build and manage your community to give you the lifestyle you want
  • How to create diverse and inclusive communities stretching across the world

and much more...

Don’t miss out on what will be an amazing opportunity to learn from top community professionals and proven experts. The event is completely online - so you can join from anywhere! Claim your free pass here.

📹 Episode 8 of The Community Show is HERE!


For episode 8, we have with us the super fun Rachel Basoco joining us for a fun conversation. Rachel is an experienced, driven, and result-producing Head of Community with a diverse background in successfully leading her teams in both established corporate and early-stage start-up settings. With a commitment to empowering women and marginalized communities around the world, Rachel believes that in order to foster authentic community you must create vulnerable, brave, and status-quo challenging spaces.

Watch Now!

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