Building in Public with KP - Learnings from Threado Community Hour ft. KP

Learnings from the sixth episode of Threado Community Hour featuring KP and our very own Pramod Rao.
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June 28, 2022

It’s 2022 - the year of Community-led growth is upon us. The best time to build your SaaS community was before you launched your product. The second best time is now. But community building is tough. It takes time, courage, efforts, persistence, failures, second-guesses, leap-of-faiths, sleepless nights, and maybe even a couple of urges to give everything up. But it doesn’t have to be done alone. We’re here to help and give you the resources you need to succeed.

Presenting Threado Community Hour - an hour-long panel discussion with some of the most successful community builders and networking sessions to help you learn the best engagement tactics, grow your network, and get answers to the questions that matter to you.

In this episode, we have KP join us for an insightful conversation.

In the episode of Threado community hour, join Pramod Rao and KP (the “build in public guy”) as they discuss ideas very much different from Super Community Users but just as important to community building.

KP is the programming director of Deck and since the pandemic has helped take the no code movement to greater heights. He is also the genius behind Deck’s flagship no code platform. Recently he has gotten into billing in public and is currently working on a book of the same topic.

Here are the key takeaways from the session👇

When to start your building in public journey?

- When you have a researched, viable idea.

- When you want to create awareness about a product or idea your developing, mostly done through progress reports, comments or demographics.

- When you are exploring a new idea, whatever it may be, just be honest with your audience about your transition, your interest and your progress, this is how new doors open for you, when people who were in your similar stage empathise and advice you, or even just support you.

What are the various stages to building in public?

- Layer One: A hobby. You expect no ROI on this, this is purely for your enjoyment. It is something you enjoy and something that makes you happy.

- Layer Two: A craft. This is the second stage, where your hobby has transitioned into something that provides a ROI for you. In this you need to worry about the outlook of your product, you audience demographic, what your inputting into this what your growth is etc.

- Layer Three: A calling. This is where you think, live and breathe your craft in public.It is the final stage and is completed as now you have a solid following and a community you is interested in your product and your thoughts.

What is the right way to showcase your work in public?

- Make sure that your work isn’t forced. Audience can grasp when a piece of work is genuine and when it isn’t.

- Engage with your audience, reply to their comments and answer their questions.

- Don’t focus on going viral, focus on creating niche content for your chosen field.

- Be constant in showcasing your work.

Is there a specific niche that will instantly be successful for you?

There is no specific niche that will guarantee you will go viral and succeed immediately.Everything needs time to work out. However there a few topics in every niche that show more rate of success:

- A newer version of an already successful product.

- Making the process of product creation public.

- Value addition to products.

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