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We're building a learning hub for community builders where we will be dropping resources, how-to guides, interviews, and more.
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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

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📹 Candid Chat with Vasil Azarov (Founder, Growth Blazers) on Community Building

"I always have my Slack open. I really try to focus not on the quantity of interactions that I have with our members, but really quality...And if I help a couple of people a week, I consider my job is done." - Vasil

We're building a learning hub for community builders where we will be dropping resources, how-to guides, interviews, and more. Head over to CommunityHub to check them out! 👇

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Watch out this space for candid talks with these community veterans next week and more👇

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We will be rolling out our beta over the next couple of weeks and are looking out for beta testers who can take it for a spin and give us some early valuable feedback!

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🗞️ Community Space Reads

🐤 Twitter builds Twitter Blue - a $3 monthly Subscription Service!

Twitter confirms “Twitter Blue” - their Subscription Service, which costs $2.99 per month by publicly including such In-App Purchase on the App Store.

Clubhouse Announces New Hires, First Funding Recipients, as it Refines its Focus on Content

Clubhouse has found itself in an increasingly uphill battle to maintain audience attention, pitted against far better-resourced opponents who are looking to tap into the trend that it originated, and essentially stunt the app's growth in order to keep their own users from drifting. Clubhouse announced the first recipients of its 'Creator First' grants program, through which it will fund the development of a range of original programming from Clubhouse creators. Read more 👇

🔊 A future of social that’s increasingly audio

Podcast downloads were declining when the pandemic began, but audio has boomed in the past year, with social media start-ups Clubhouse and Discord leading a new generation. Microsoft reportedly offered $10 billion for Discord, Spotify acquired Clubhouse rival Betty Labs, and Facebook and Twitter are both piloting live audio products. Live conversation is the key to the new social experience being shaped on internet platforms. Read on 👇

🔦 Spotlight on a Community Tool

Presenting, Geneva - A home for groups of all shapes and sizes

Geneva Chat

Geneva is an all-in-one communication app for groups, clubs, and communities. Chat, post, hangout, livestream, plan, and more — it’s everything your group needs to stay connected, all in one place.

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