Engaging Community Rituals

Community rituals eventually become the backbone of the community. Check out some rituals followed by top community builders around us!
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Pramod Rao
June 28, 2021

Community rituals eventually become the backbone of the community.

How do you nail it?

🔄 1. Consistency - Keep at it, until you sure it either works/doesn't.

🤝 2. Find what connects with most members

📈 3. Define the metrics that help you monitor engagement

Here are some rituals followed by top community builders around us! 👇

Vasil (Growth Blazers) : Currently we have one virtual event that happens bi-weekly. We call it growth mixers. And the idea of the growth mixer, we invite an expert who brings a topic that we go really deep into. So we have a 30 minute interview and then we break everyone down in small groups of four round tables  where community members practice their Growth Blazers community approach first. And then they also discuss key takeaways from the fireside chat and from the presentation by the speaker. So we decided just to focus on that and we've been doing it for the last couple of months. And now we see  that finally, we consistently start getting around 25 30 people. By the way, our communities is still brand new. We just started in March.  We have about 200 [00:01:00] members.  For each of the mixers, we have anywhere from 25 to 40 members showing up, which I feel is a, it's a pretty good rate at this point.

Max (100 Days of No Code) : We have weekly masterminds of smaller five to seven group members that keep each other accountable, problem solve in those groups. And just generally keep up that cadence of learning momentum. So that's one key tenant that we have alongside other smaller things like in Slack, we have Monday mission. People just share in a thread what is their mission for the week? And then that is tied off quite nicely with every Friday we have feedback Friday. Someone drops a link to any project that they've been working on that week to get some feedback on it. So it ties off that loop if you like.

Mitali (A Junior VC) : One of our community members, Tanish took up the charge to everyday post about a new current topic and two, and  that was really helpful because as I [00:02:00] mentioned, the members were enjoying. And that was really interesting because once you start being consistent about it, then slowly members also build a habit that, okay, this is something which is going to happen at 5:00 PM. So they start knowing about it. They start expecting it and then slowly they start wanting it.

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