👀 Engineer Serendipity In Just 5 Steps

Welcome to the 80th edition of Community Digest. This week we engineer serendipity for your community and bring to you community updates from across the world.
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Hritika Singh
September 13, 2022

Hey everyone!

"The only superpower I need is the ability to engineer serendipity in my community"

If you are a community manager you will relate to the above statement. What if I told you it is possible and not difficult? All you need to do is to zoom out and focus on the little things.

Here's a five-step approach to do so:

Step 1: Be in constant touch with your members and have as many 1:1s as possible.

Step 2: Understand them, and their challenges and make a note of 3-5 people who can help them in their journey.

Step 3: Run past the list of people with the member and ask if it is okay to connect them.

Step 4: Make the introduction with context and let them take it forward.

Step 5: Check in with the member if the connection helped and gather feedback.

Meet Us In SF!

We are hosting our first Threado Community Meetup in San Francisco on the 14th of September. Join us for an evening filled with fun banter, networking with community peers and chilled beers. For venue, time and RSVP details click here.

Learn The Secrets From Rosie Sherry!

Just like how founders, and makers build MVP(Minimum Viable Product) to test their ideas, Rosie confidently says community builders should pick the same path. Launch a Minimum Viable Community, clearly understand what people want and scale things from there. In this session, Rosie is going to cover a lot of the ground on MVCs.


AMA With Notion's Community Manager!

Calling all community builders. We are so stoked to start a brand new AMA series! Our first guest is the amazing Francisco Cruz, who runs Notion's community!

The AMA is happening exclusively on our Slack community. Here's your ticket to join.

Here's a reminder to set up that 1:1 call!

That's it for today! You can find us here on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next week,
Co-founder, Threado

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