😳 Glide Saw 100% Increase In Community Engagement! Here's How

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Hritika Singh
October 18, 2022

Hey everyone!

Our Devs got no chill, they’re already cooking up something fresh in Threado’s Kitchen

Launching soon - Outreach by Threado!

10x your engagement and member activation using Outreach. Reach members where they hang out the most! - Email, Community Channels, DMs, Twitter!

Stay tuned for updates here on the launch in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, sign up and take Threado for a spin!

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Threado Community Hour with Nicole Saunders!

Join us for the next Threado Community Hour with Nicole Saunders!

Nicole Saunders acts as a Director of Community at Zendesk where she oversees the Community Team (part of the Global Digital Experiences team), sets strategy, defines policy and governance, develops and launches new community products, and engages the user community.


Got Community Questions? Ask Them Here!

After amazing AMA sessions with Corina Gheonea, Stephanie Castanos and Stephanie Nakano, we are back with another one!

​Our next guest is Kevin Newsum, Head of Community at Triple Whale! Previously he was the Marketing & Branding Director at Steamm Espresso, where they directed 40% YOY growth during the pandemic and increased the email list to 23K+. Kevin has also served as the Community Marketing Director at Yelp.com.

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How Glide Saw A 100% Increase In Engagement!

Things Glide saw with Threado

- 100% increase in engagement

- 50% improvement in activation

- 86% better retention

- 15+ manual hours saved

- 900+ members engaged

How? Read here.

Before we go, leaving you with three things you must check out this week!

1. List of Community Professionals by David Spinks - Looking to hire community professionals? Check out this thread!

2. How to prioritise and optimise for your community by Richard Millington - If you're unsure how to prioritise, a simple rubric is to focus on what's going to have the biggest impact for the majority of members. This might help.

3. Community Tip Jar - Discover 200+ of the best tweets about community building. You can add yours too!

That's it for today! You can find us here on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next week,
Co-founder, Threado

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