🎯 How Automations Can Help Scale Your Community

Welcome to the 84th edition of Community Digest. Every week, we bring to you community updates from across the world. Let’s get started!
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Hritika Singh
October 11, 2022

Welcome to the 84th edition of Community Digest. Every week, we bring to you community updates from across the world. Let’s get started!

Hey everyone!

In this special edition of Community Digest, we have Max Haining, founder of 100DaysOfNoCode writing in for us.

He tells us how automation helps him scale his community.

"One of the most important things we optimise for at 100DaysOfNoCode is the onboarding flow for new members entering the community. The question we ask ourselves repeatedly is “how can we decrease time to value” part of this is about removing the friction points new members may encounter. Automation helps us do this in a few ways. For example, automatic welcome messages, curated introductions to fellow members, storing valuable posts and more."

A hot tip for folks in no-code -

"Don’t just learn the tools, learn key concepts like design, databases and API’s, otherwise you won’t be able to truly feel the power and magic of no-code."

He also shared his workstation picture with us!

Now that's giving us some goals!

Have a beautiful workstation to show off? Send us a picture and we will share the best ones on our social media!

Don't miss the Threado Community AMA!

After an amazing session with Corina Gheonea, Director of Global UiPath Community, we have two back-to-back AMAs lined up for you!

1. Stephanie Castanos, Community Engagement Director at Resilient Coders - Oct 13th, 1 PM ET. Register here.

2. Stephanie Nakano, Community Manager at Salesforce - Oct 17th, 11:30 AM ET. Register here.

We will be hosting these exclusively in our Slack community. Register for the events today!

What's happening in the Threado Community?

We are brewing interesting conversations in our community. From pondering over important questions, like

..to having amazing experts like Corina Gheonea answer all community questions for the members (yes, she answered all our questions by recording videos!) - Threado Community is brimming with love and support.

Want to be a part of a community with all leaders from across the globe? Here's your ticket to join!

Before we go, leaving you with three things you must check out this week!

1. Setting Goals & How They'll Be Measured by Jenny Weigle - The main tips/takeaways from The Community Planning Sessions with special guest Todd Nilson of Clocktower Advisors!

2. How to make sure your community doesn't fail - Why? Because there's no intentional community design baked into the vision. This thread can help.

3. Community Tip Jar - Discover 200+ of the best tweets about community building. You can add yours too!

That's it for today! You can find us here on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next week,

Chief Meme Officer at Threado

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