How to make the most of custom Discord bots

Custom Discord bots are a great way to make your Discord community more vibrant and engaged. Bring in newer avenues to keep your members entertained as well as encourage active participation.
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April 6, 2023

Discord Bots & Custom Discord Bots Hosting

A user-like server member that you can use to automate different actions is referred to as a "Discord Bot." The word "Bot" appears next to its moniker to indicate it. Bots use Discord's open "API" to carry out tasks like sending messages and changing jobs.

Discord bots can be equated to AI butlers, except instead of a multitude of duties, they work only on one specific duty. Discord bots can be programmed to execute multiple tasks, from being the welcoming presence for new members to summarizing new articles or scheduling and posting content.

While at first Discord was the solution presented to help communicate with long-distance friends while playing, it has slowly also morphed into a platform that digital marketers are using unrepentantly. In 2015, when Discord finally breathed its first breath, people loved being able to stay in touch with their friends and communities easily by hopping around text, voice, and video. While the tech for this was complex, its impossibly simple goal of bringing people together made it a huge success.

Discord: Parts and Pieces


Server: Servers are the spaces on Discord. They are made by specific communities and friend groups. The vast majority of servers are small and invitation-only. Some larger servers are public. Any user can start a new server for free and invite their friends to it.

Discord Servers are the physical, tangible representations of communities and groups. While large, general servers are open to the public. The majority of them are exclusive and you can only access them if you are invited to them.


Channel: Discord servers are organized into text and voice channels, which are usually dedicated to specific topics and can have different rules.

Channels in Discord can be used for various purposes, they are usually categorized as text and voice channels. Text channels allow users to interact through messages, files, and images. They are in essence message boards.

Whereas voice channels allow users to connect through voice or video calls in real-time and allow one user to show their screen to a multitude of others.


Discord bots are AI elements that marketers and business managers use to automate various functions on Discord Servers. Discord bots are an essential component for any Discord server. Discord bots can automate tasks such as adding music, polls, games, etc. The list of tasks a Discord bot can achieve is huge and it is not easy to wade through it. Finding the right Discord bot can become overwhelming quickly especially if you do not even know what exactly you need in your community.

Various websites such as and can help narrow this down as they categorically list the various Discord bots available.

Custom Discord Bots

A custom Discord bot is a piece of software created to automate processes and offers more utility for a Discord server than what is offered by the default Discord platform and Discord bots. A broad variety of duties, including moderating chat, controlling user roles, sending automated messages, disseminating information, and integrating with other programs, can be programmed into custom Discord bots.

The majority of custom Discord bots are housed on external servers and are developed by users or developers using a variety of programming languages and libraries. The bot can be set up to carry out a variety of duties, including informational tasks, conversational moderating, game playing, and task automation.

The following are a few instances of customized Discord assistant features:

  • Greeting new users on a website
  • Delivering forecast reports
  • Regulating the chat and enforcing the regulations
  • Creating questionnaires and polls
  • Playing sounds such as music
  • Integrating with other websites, like Twitter, Twitch, or YouTube.

A programming language like Python, JavaScript, or Ruby, along with a bot development framework like Discord.js or, are typically used to build custom Discord bots. When the bot is finished, it can be added to a Discord group by using a special token that Discord offers. The server owner or administrator can then set and alter the bot to carry out the precise actions and functions they desire.

Threado: Threado as a Discord community management platform empowers you to automate most of your tasks to ensure your community stays engaged without any manual intervention. In this guide, you can see how to add a custom discord bot using Threado and what actions can be performed using that bot.

You can essentially automate everyday tasks like onboarding, activating dormant users, engaging new members, and more. Furthermore, you can send personalized messages to members using this Discord bot, conduct surveys to better understand your community and leverage these insights to scale a healthy yet engaged Discord community.

MEE6: One of the best Discord bots for moderation, scans your chats and channels for forbidden content or content that violates your guidelines, such as outbound links, bad language, unrelated content, self-promotion, etc. It has various settings which you can tune to your liking, such as mute, kick, or ban users.

Dank Memer: Dank Memer is the ideal Discord app if memes are your preferred method of communication. You'll receive instructions from a bot that makes it simple to add the ideal meme or make your own. Use the Discord bot as a ticketing mechanism. This bot can be extremely helpful if you use Discord to organize tasks or assist customers. Tickets are designed with Discord in mind, and you can tag particular channels or server responsibilities to make sure the intended demographic sees them.

Custom Discord bots are a great way to make your Discord community more vibrant and engaged. Bring in newer avenues to keep your members entertained as well as encourage active participation. With custom Discord bots like the one you can make with Threado - not only can you free yourself from countless hours of manual work but also manage your community better with a tool that handles everything from insights to actions.


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