How to use Airmeet

A quick guide on how to use Airmeet for hosting your next virtual conference, workshop, or webinar.
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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

Airmeet is the go-to tool for workshops, webinars and virtual conferences preferred by some of the most successful online communities and startups. Here's why they stand out:

Virtual Conferences & Events : Scale upto a hundred thousand participants seamlessly using their highly engaging platform. The feature could be used to conduct online classes, events, workshops, webinars and other community building events. Hook your audience with meaningful interactions. Check out more about this feature here.

Community Engagement : Use their rich tools (emote, questions, chat, raise hand) to engage the audience. Play pre-recorded video during workshops/fairs - recordings from a speaker/sponsor's ad etc. Increase the footfalls for your event by streaming the video live on YouTube & FB.


Networking : Make use of their virtual ballroom, speed networking (short, crisp conversations) with like minded people, and table chat.

Plan virtual events/job fairs - Facilitate branding space for events, easy ticketing platform, set up booth experience areas, fetch sponsorships - the feel of an offline event with the convenience of being in the comfort of your house.



Here's a comprehensive walkthrough of Airmeet.

They've a free membership that allows you to host smaller events. Check out all the plan here.


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