👥 Starting your community with a small cohort of members

Top reasons why it is critical to start small when it comes to community building.
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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021
"There's a magic you can only create in small groups. As a community grows, it loses some of that magic. It's almost always better to start small when building community." - David Spinks

Here are a few reasons why there is tremendous value in starting small:

  • Focused relationship-building - build 1-1 meaningful interactions and get to know the members better.
  • More opportunities for members to explore and experiment - there's more room for everything. Testing new initiatives, assigning community responsibilities to your members, and more: you could be building your core team here!
  • Greater alignment - easy to align all members to focus on the community goals in a small cohort
  • Rich interactions - less in volume of interactions but more in depth and value.
  • Efficient administration and moderation - while starting you want to focus completely on building relationships and enabling quality connections and less on the logistics of it all.
  • Family - each member feels at home. Small cohorts tend to bring about an atmosphere of retreats and a sense of belonging.
"Start small. Start tiny. 95% of communities can start as a simple group chat. A community only needs a shared purpose and a place to thrive. Don’t overthink it" - Greg Isenberg

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