The Community Show featuring Erin O’Neill

The Community Show is a fun rapid-fire series by Threado. In this episode, get to know Erin O'Neill a little better!
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Priyanshu Anand
March 16, 2022

About the guest

Erin O’Neill is the Head of Community at RevOps Co-op powered by Funnel IQ.

"I am a natural welcomer, a people connector, and a nurturing leader. I have a lot of experience with event management, project management, and am passionate about community building. I naturally organize people and take on the planner role in both my professional and personal life. Communities are my jam!" she says.

In this episode

Get to know Erin a little better in this fun conversation where she talks about everything from - her community recommendations to what her favorite song is, the kind that gets her through a difficult day 🎵 (Hint: Hip-Hop fans, you won’t be disappointed).

Jump in right away! 👇

Episode highlights

01:10 - Her favorite and not-so-favorite part of being a community builder.

01:45 - The one thing that gets her through the day.

02:38 - A quick this or that.

03:46 - Golden advice for young people just starting out.

04:06 - A community recommendation.

Video Transcript

Hritika: Hello, everyone, welcome to our first episode of The Community Show. Here we'll have many amazing community managers from across the globe join us for a quick fun conversation. Our first guest is Erin O'Neill, she manages an amazing community of rev ops professionals for Funnel IQ. So, Erin, welcome to the show, why don't you introduce yourself?

Erin: Yeah, great to have me here! Yep, I'm Erin O'Neill. I run a community for the rev ops co-op. We are a slack community of nothing but rev ops professionals. We have about 3,700 people now, very engaged, and lots of content and events and programming around that. So, it's, if anybody wants to join, check us out.

Question: If not a community manager, what would you be doing?

Erin: Would be teaching women how to mountain bike.

Question: What’s your favorite part of the job?

Erin: My favorite part of my job is having a direct impact on people in a positive way. Being able to do something for somebody and then have them feel appreciated and have it help them, it’s very satisfying.

Question: What do you hate about it?

Erin: What I hate about it is that I want to be everyone to everything and everywhere and do an amazing job and I just can't do it all.

Question: What is the most common stereotype you have heard about your job title?

Erin: The most common stereotype, oh, I would say that community is fluffy. That it's not a serious profession.

Question: What is the one thing that keeps you going throughout the day?

Erin: Definitely creating connections with people keeps me going, and helping them.

Question: Your favorite snack to munch on during meetings (with your camera off, obviously!)?

Erin: Oh gosh, I love blueberries actually. Blueberries are decadent and luxurious and amazing.

Question: A community manager you want to give a shoutout to?

Erin: I would say Brian and Erica that do the podcast. I listen to them a lot, so I feel like I know them, but they don't know me yet.

Question: How do you unwind after work?

Erin: That's a great question. We have one of those little pools in our backyard. It's just like a watering trough and we just heated it. So, I'm starting to go home and put the kids in the pool and get a drink and that's a wonderful way to unwind.

Question: What is your go-to song on a difficult day?

Erin: It is called Get by, by Talib Kweli. That's the one.

Question: Quick This or That.

Coffee or Protein shake?

Erin: Shake.

Early morning meetings of Late night events?

Erin: Early morning meetings. I have kids, I can't do late nights.

Work from home or Work from office?

Erin: Home.

The TV show Friends or The Office?

Erin: The Office.

Question: What according to you is the most important thing when it comes to building a safe space in the community?

Erin: That's a good question. I would say getting the rules and expectations out early. It's twofold. It's getting those things out early and then having an open door so community members feel safe to come to you when anybody's crossed the line.

Question: A community hack that you want to share with us?

Erin: Have a great onboarding sequence.

Question: Your mantra for life?

Erin: I don't have a mantra for life. I don't know what that would be. You're going to need to edit this one.

Hritika: Sure! I mean, I don't have a mantra for life. Seems like a decent answer to me. Cause if you ask me, same.

Erin: I don't know, have compassion for myself and prioritize balance.

Question: One advice for young CMs/people just getting started in the space?

Erin: Gosh, I would say get involved with the community for community managers because the community people by nature are open and warm and want to help. And so if you want to be one of us, it's easy to find us and we're there for you.

Question: A community you recommend joining?

Erin: Oh, besides Threado?

Hritika: I mean, of course, you can tell it’s us *laughs hysterically*

Erin: A big one that's been instrumental for me is CMX.

Hritika: That’s it, we’re done.

Erin: Great!

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