Threado Community AMA with Corina Gheonea, Director at Global UiPath Community

Threado Community AMA with Corina Gheonea, Director at Global UiPath Community
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Question : Can you share some insights which have helped the team at UiPath to consistently build great communities and scale them globally at the same time?

Question : How do you differentiate the value proposition b/w slack and discourse community?The core reason behind starting either of the communities. I see a lot of companies starting to build communities on Slack and on another passive platform like discourse. Is a Slack community advantageous than discourse? If so, in what way?

Question : How do you identify the MVPs in your community?Is there a goal-based tracking for the expected outcomes from the MVPs? What are these goals?

Question : How has community initiatives evolved at UiPath before vs. after you joined? As a community builder, what is that one thing (or top 3 things) that is indispensable to you?

Question : How has the community helped drive business outcomes for UiPath?  How do the different teams at UiPath (customer support, product, sales etc) leverage insights from the community?

Question : How you define a successful initiative and measure it!

Question : What according to you is the most important aspect of building a community What is the best thing that you enjoy while building a successful community?

Question : What are some initiatives you take for the UiPath community that are unique for developers or people who code?

Question : What are the tools that you use for your community operations?

Question : What programs do you run as of now, and what's in store for the UI Path community?

Question : Which community north star metric are you chasing right now?

Question : Why did you start the UiPath Student Developer Champion program? How has it helped UiPath as a company?

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