Threado Community AMA with Jaz Broughton, Community Lead at Mixpanel

Threado Community AMA with Jaz Broughton, Community Lead at Mixpanel
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Threado Community AMA series is exclusively built for the tight-knit slack community we are building at Threado. We gathered and brought together community leaders from Notion, Mixpanel On Deck, Glide, Startup Grind, and many more fast-growing startups.

For this episode, we had Jaz Broughton, Community Lead at Mixpanel joining us to answer all questions in the community. The session was filled with many amazing insights on community building. Here are the top highlights from the session 👇

Question : Curious to more about Mixpanel's customer community, what it's about and the role it plays for the company? What community initiatives have worked well?

Question : Do you think measuring negative metrics is as important as measuring positive metrics?

Question : How do you like to celebrate wins in your community  What kind of milestones do you recognize in you?

Question : How do you look at all the product feedbacks and ideas from the community? How much of it is actually considered in your product roadmap? Any story around an idea which might have worked very well and was given by a community member?

Question : How do you measure impact of community initiatives you do at Mixpanel?

Question : How important is it for a company like Mixpanel to focus on community? What's it like to working with Suhail?

Question : How you set goals for your community? What key metrics do you track?

Question : What are some of the challenges that you faced while building the community at Mixpanel? How have they shaped the strategy to further build the community?    

Question : Why did you move to a slack community from the online forum which you had earlier?

Question : Would love to hear how you empower your users? Are there any interesting stories from the community you could share with us?


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