Threado Community AMA with Stephanie Nakano, Community Manager at Salesforce

Threado Community AMA with Stephanie Nakano, Community Manager at Salesforce
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Question : How are you acknowledging:nurturing/rewarding your top product users/supporters in the community?Do you have a championship program? Would love to know more about it.

Question : How can one grow from a junior to senior community manager? How can a CM stay relevant in the industry?What metrics would you measure for community of learners and how best would you use data to make the community thrive?Do you think companies should hire based on roles. Eg, say hire a event community manager, engagement community manager etc. What are your thoughts?

Question : How does a company like Salesforce measure success regarding community initiatives/programs?How do you handle them and create a sense of belonging in the community?What are some slack initiatives you are experimenting that are entirely a new concept to the world?

Question : How has community initiatives impacted the growth of the company overall?

Question : How is the community team structured at Salesforce? How do you ensure that all the communities are on track to the key metrics defined for them and are also directly impacting the business metrics at Salesforce?

Question : How was the Trailblazers community born? What have been some of the major wins for Salesforce which directly can be mapped to this community?

Question : What are the steps to take that will help a slack community thrive?

Question : With everything that there is to do or can be done, how do you prioritise tasks:initiatives?

Question : Would love to know what are some of the key workflows a community builder should prioritise to keep up with a growing community?

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