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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

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🗞️ What's trending?

📢 LinkedIn confirms it’s working on a Clubhouse rival, too

Is it social audio more of a feature or a product? LinkedIn has now confirmed it’s also testing a social audio experience in its app which would allow creators on its network to connect with their community. What's different?- The audio networking feature will be connected with users’ professional identity, not just a social profile. In addition, the company has already built out a platform that serves the creator community, which today has access to tools like Stories, LinkedIn Live video broadcasting, newsletters and more.

📰 Substack’s success shows readers have had enough of polarised media

Established in 2017, Substack now has more than half a million subscribers. Substack in a lot of ways has become a brand that people are eager to support as a cause. Read up about why it's the next big thing of journalism. Reassuring this trend is the fact that Substack raises $65m to invest in its platform for subscription newsletters.

🏫 Maven - The platform for Cohort-based-courses (CBCs)

Gagan Biyani (Co-Founder, Udemy), Wes Kao (Co-Founder, altMBA) and Shreyans Bhansali (Co-Founder, Socratic) are building a platform to help anyone build a cohort-based course and deliver a premium student experience at scale. They announced the name of their startup last week - it's called Maven! Unlike small workshops or impersonal mass online classes, they will integrate both live and asynchronous components to engage students without needing to scale up instructor time or support staff.

Greg Isenberg's course on building internet communities is all set to go live on Maven. Check it out here!

🖥️ The Rise of Notion-Powered Courses

Use the tool you love to create beautiful interactive content on your own terms. All the power of a traditional course platform, built from your Notion docs. Float and Noggin getting into developing this reassures us - Notion-powered courses could be the next big wave.

📚 Learning Pit

Founder Talks : with Abhinav Chhikara (Founder, 10K Designers)

Abhinav started his career in designing back in 2011. Since then, he has worked with 50+ founders and startups across USA, Europe and India. Building the design team from scratch & helping build one of the biggest live learning platforms in the world - Unacademy, Abhinav wanted to fix the state of design education. He started 10K Designers - an invite-only masterclass on becoming a UI/UX designer - to enable the next generation of designers and product thinkers.

📹 How to avoid screwing up Zoom calls with strangers?

The pandemic has nurtured the culture of meeting online. There's a certain awkwardness in meeting strangers online versus in person. Chris Hladczuk talks about tips for a smooth, non-awkward conversations with strangers you meet for networking/interviews/learning.

📚 7 threads on interesting ideas, human nature, great minds & stories

  1. How to say NO 2) 100 quotes on investing, writing, startups, health, creator, books, knowledge, memes & life 3) Story of Adidas 4) The Compound Effect 5) 20 Learnings from Leonardo Da Vinci 6) A thread of interesting blogs, podcasts, videos, newsletters, books, etc 7) The Story of Dogecoin

🧠 A community vision is better than a community idea

"People get stuck on validating ideas, especially when it comes to communities. They become so focused on the short term thinking of whether ‘the idea’ is working, rather than thinking longer term of whether they are taking steps in the direction of where they believe they want to head." Read more about Rosie Sherry's thoughts on why a vision is better then an idea for community building.

🔖 Book Suggestion - The Business of Belonging: How to Make Community your Competitive Advantage by David Spinks

In his career of over 10 years in the business of building community, David Spinks (Co-Founder, CMX) has learned what a winning community strategy looks like. From the fundamental concepts including how community drives measurable business value, and what the appropriate metrics are to high-level community design to practical engagement techniques, The Business of Belonging is an epic journey into the world of community building.

Loved reading these? Head over to our resource repository for 100+ curated reads → https://wire.threado.com/

🛠️ Featured Tool for community building

Whereby : Easy Video Meeting & Conferencing

With no app or installs required, and the same meeting link every time, Whereby gives you the freedom to work from anywhere.

Whereby Logo

👩 👨 Featured Community Builder

Greg Isenberg

Greg builds internet communities. He is the Co-Founder of Late Checkout, a product studio that designs, creates and acquires internet communities. He's also a growth advisor at TikTok and a venture partner at Indicator Ventures, a tech venture fund.

Previously, he was the Head of Product Strategy at WeWork (via Islands acquisition) and the Founder/CEO of Islands, a messaging/community app that was acquired by WeWork. He was the Founder/CEO of 5by, a leading video discovery app which got acquired by StumbleUpon and has also helped build one of the internet's most popular financial education app Wall Street Survivor (acquired).

Greg's built marketing strategies and technology products for brands like Microsoft, FedEx, NASCAR, TechCrunch and Wordpress. He's been featured on places like Vanity Fair, Forbes, Mashable, Fortune Magazine, L.A Times and a winner of Webby Awards.

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

📅 Upcoming events

6th April, 8:30 PM : RevGenius & Slintel present "Who Runs the Deal? Sales vs. Buyers Process" with Deepak Anchala (Founder & CEO, Slintel), Anupreet Singh (Head of Sales, Slintel) , and Dale Zwizinski (SVP Sales, SmartAction).

🧠 7th April, 7:10 PM : "How to create a product adoption strategy" by Andrea Saez, (Co-Founder of The Product Dynamic) hosted by Ramli John -ProductLed.

📈 8th April, 2:30 AM : Webinar - "PM and Analytics in the Gaming Industry" by Vikrant Agarwal (Zynga Product Lead), hosted by Product School.

🔧 8th April, 7PM : Live Q&A - "Product Manager Tools & Techniques" Teresa Alvarez by (Zalando Sr PM), hosted by Product School.

✉️ 8th April, 10:30 PM : "7 Laws of Highly Effective Sales Emails" - Powered by Gong and RevGenius.

📊 8th April, 11:10 PM : Live Q&A - "How to Grow a Product-Led SaaS Business from $0 to $1M+ ARR" with Corey Haines (Founder, Swipe Files) hosted by Ramli John -ProductLed.

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