🙏 Welcoming new members into community

Providing a personalised welcoming experience to a community members ensures you are setting them up to extract maximum value from the community.
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Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

Onboarding experience for a user is the first introduction to the community. We can draw several lessons from the hospitality industry to give a 5-star personalized experience that welcomes new members into the community. Member onboarding is the most critical step towards community building. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to create the best experience out of it!

📧 Welcome Email

  • Thank the member for taking the first step to join the community
  • Share highlights from what the user can expect; use the onboarding form inputs to customize what's relevant for the member depending on their responses
  • Give them a pro tip on how to get started/nudge them towards their first engagement

🤝 Greeting Message

  • Welcome the member on Slack/Discord and have a guided tutorial or steps on how to finish setting up
  • Customize the message for a personal touch
  • A short Loom video tour of the community or set-up flow could be great
  • Inform them about where they can head over to next and guide them towards their first action e.g. Say hi 👋 and post an introduction on the #introductions channel

🧐 Check-In personally

  • Check in to see if user is stuck at any stage
  • Get on a 1:1 call to help users navigate the community

💡 Share tips on how best to get involved with the community

  • Feature testimonials
  • Get existing members to share short 1-min videos of how best to get involved
  • Have an updated FAQs section

🛠 Resources:

Greetbot - set-up a welcoming onboarding experience for your members on Slack

Discord Welcome Screen - set up a welcome experience for your new members on Discord Community Server

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