⭐ Which North Star Metric Are You Chasing?

Welcome to the 76th edition of Community Digest. This week, we tall more about chasing north star metrics and bring to you community updates from across the world.
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Hritika Singh
August 9, 2022

Welcome to the 76th edition of Community Digest. Every week, we bring to you community updates from across the world. Let’s get started!

Hey everyone!

It has been an exciting few weeks at ThreadoHQ! After rolling out early access to signups, we went live on Product Hunt last week and ended up as #1 Product of the Day and #2 Product of the Week. And this wouldn't be possible without your support. Thank you for being part of our journey!

What's next? Giveaways, workshops, collaborations, resources, tools, memes and much more! Spoiler alert: Max Haining from 100DaysOfNoCode has something special for all readers of Community Digest.

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 Chasing Your North Star Metric

"Your north star metric has to be within your control (and not left to god) and it should be a direct reflection of your growth.The team needs to speak the same language too. Ours is member love" says Ragini Das, Co-founder at leap.club.

Her top 3 learnings from building a community-led startup?

- Relationships > followers. Communities are based on strong relationships, not the ‘likes’ on your social pages

- Authenticity, heart and hustle — the core

- Give your users ownership + train them on building a community

How did she build a diverse and loved community? Find out here.

Your Community Twitter Updates Are Here!

Managing Your Mental Health

Calculating Your Community's ROI

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Until next week,
Chief Meme Officer at Threado

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