Threado provides you with the finest hand-made, custom attire, tailored just for you. From pocket to placket, from formal wear to traditional wear, from men’s wear to women’s wear, we do it all-for every occasion, for every person.

The professional tailors are well versed in the art of tailoring, for Men and Women. A custom tailored attire by THREADO is not only a perfect fit, but also offers amazing level of comfort unlilke the over-priced yet ill-fitting and low quality garments available in the market today

We have a team of specialized tailors, designers, stylist and merchandiser at THREADO. We get you, Your Fabric, Your Design, Your Measurements at Your Doorstep!

Our team will work with you through any problem. Therefore, it is easy for you to see what you have and what you might want to add to your wardrobe