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The Community Jarvis

Grab these actionable templates and automation guides to help you navigate seamlessly through your community-building journey.

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There is no easy hack to community building

"The strongest communities are built around a pain or struggle that people feel shame around." - David Spinks
Author, The Business of Belonging

Your Community's Wingman!

As a community manager, your work might get overwhelming juggling around multiple tasks.
We break down your journey into granular-level tasks to be accomplished with this guide.
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Grab 50+ Templates
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These actionable frameworks will help you set the thought engine on the right track for your goals across the journey.
Duplicate Automations and Workflows
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It doesn’t stop here. Get more productive by setting up automation workflows for your goals!
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Why build Community Jarvis?

There is no thorough framework or benchmarks to be followed when you begin your community-building journey. With our experience of speaking with almost 150+ accomplished community builders and having built multiple communities, we put down Community Jarvis to handhold you and set you on a path to excel at what you do best!

What is the problem with the solutions available today?

Well, there is no solution or defined framework for community building. Every community has its own unique value proposition. Each task you do should be a step closer to helping drive more value for your users. Community Jarvis helps you define the multiple tasks and suggests frameworks to execute those so that you don’t miss out on taking action on what could be potentially helpful for your community.

How does it work?

The community Jarvis has frameworks that you can duplicate and start working on right away! It also provided a step-by-step automation guide to be productive while executing these tasks.

How to use it?

The frameworks are built on Miro, Notion and Airtable. You can easily duplicate these to your workspace and get going with making it your mind map!

What kind of templates and automations are in the resource?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s the breakdown: Frameworks, Workflows, Checklists, Automations, Product Suggestions, Forms, Text Templates, Workbooks and more!

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