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The command center for
community builders

Get actionable insights, automate your community workflows and activate more members across Slack, Discord, Discourse and other platforms.

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Managing your online community was never this easy


Automate your workflows to activate more members and nudge them to add value to the community.


Segment members and send one-off personalised messages at scale to drive engagement.


Provide blazing fast support and answer queries across tools/platforms from a single dashboard.


Personalize your interactions

Send targeted messages to a custom cohort of members across channels.
  • Target members based on level of engagement
  • Tag members, filter and save custom cohort views
  • Send an instant personalized DM at scale
  • Export data for further analysis
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Automate community workflows

From providing a welcoming onboarding experience to re-engaging inactive members.
  • Craft journeys using our visual workflow builder
  • Automate messages, conduct surveys and capture responses
  • Leverage templates to activate your community
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Effortless integrations

Works seamlessly with the tools you use

Get actionable insights

Know who's engaged in your community and who needs a nudge.
  • Engage with your core contributors
  • Configure levels of engagement
  • Create and target specific member segments
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Provide blazing fast support

One does not simply leave a query unanswered in the community.
  • Search messages by keyword
  • View and respond to unanswered questions
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Empowering community builders

Take your community game to the next level with Threado's free resources and community drops.
Community OS
Community OS by Threado - 800+ community resources and Notion workbook for free | Product Hunt
Community OS by Threado - 800+ community resources and Notion workbook for free | Product Hunt
Serendipity Bot
Serendipity Bot by Threado - Free community and newsletter match making bot | Product Hunt
Community Stack
Community Stack by Threado - Discover what tools the world’s best communities run on | Product Hunt
Scott Bot
Scott Bot by Threado - Boost engagement with this free community prompt scheduler | Product Hunt

Your data is safe with us

Threado is a SOC2 Type II Certified Company
  • Your data is always encrypted in-transit and at-rest.
  • We work with external partners to independently audit our security protocols.

Ask away

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Threado?

Threado has been built by community builders, for community builders. Community builders deserve all the unfair advantages but most tools today focus on decision-makers and not the ones who are in the trenches. That's why we built Threado - to help you unlock the 10x community builder in you. Save time and automate all the operational tasks with Threado so you can focus on what really matters most - creating a great community experience.

Which platforms can I integrate on Threado?

You can integrate Slack, Discord, Discourse, Twitter, and Github communities on Threado. You can also connect your personal Slack account or create a custom Discord bot to personalize your interactions with members at scale. There are more integrations planned on our roadmap, stay tuned for updates!

What happens after I integrate my platform?

Once you integrate your community platform on Threado, it automatically fetches all the data like public channels/repos, member count, messages, reactions, member activity, etc to help you get insights and take actions to activate your community.

What insights can I draw about my community?

Get actionable insights on how your members are engaging in your community. Who are the top contributors, who are creating the most engaging discussions, who you need to nudge, top messages in your community and so much more.

How can I engage with my community on Threado?

You can view, filter and create custom member cohorts based on several engagement criteria and send personalized messages at scale. Set up automation workflows with our easy-to-use visual workflow builder in a matter of clicks. Keep a birds-eye view on queries and messages coming in and provide blazing-fast support from Threado’s dashboard.

How can I automate my routine tasks using Threado?

Use our no-code visual workflow builder to engage with members while you’re asleep and save hundreds of hours of manual work. We've also built easy-to-use templates for the most common workflows like onboarding, engagement, surveys etc., that'll help you activate workflows in a matter of clicks.

Is Threado free to use?

Yes. You can get started with Threado's 30-day free trial without a credit card and experience the Pro plan which gives you access to Threado's most loved features - automation, personalized reach-outs and more. You can choose to upgrade to the Pro or Growth plan at the end of your trial or continue on the free plan which will still give you read access to the dashboard and analytics.

Is there a limit on community size?

Absolutely not. Regardless of how large or small the community is, it can all be integrated with Threado in the same way. We understand that community is not about size but about a sense of belonging. It’s about the experience. And that’s why there’s no limit to community size.

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