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Boost engagement in your community using auto-generated interactive conversation prompts!

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What is ScottBot?

ScottBot is your friendly neighbourhood bot that helps you generate automated prompts to drive engagement in your community. Save hours every month. Select and customize any number of prompts and schedule at any frequency to always keep engagement flowing.

Founder, Side Product Led Growth

"Using Scott Bot was super simple to setup. I was very surprised at the engagement I received when I started. Now I don't want to stop using Scott Bot. Love this tool!"

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Scott Bot integrates with Slack, Discord, Twitter and Discourse community. Schedule prompts and see your engagement grow!


Engage more with your community



ScottBot helps you send regular prompts so you don't have to scratch your heads over it!


Schedule interactive
prompts according to your optimal time. Sit back and relax!


Break the ice with members with thought provoking prompts that are hard to ignore!
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What can ScottBot do?

Think of ScottBot as your work bestie. It will help you optimise for your time by coming up with hard to ignore questions and prompts. You can schedule these prompts according to your optimal time and voila! you are all set.


Who should use ScottBot?

Community managers or anyone who runs a community and wants to activate more users through fun and interactive prompts. If you are looking to engage people with diverse and thoughtful questions, ScottBot is there for you!


What platform does it support?

ScottBot is easy to integrate on the most common platforms used by community managers. You can integrate ScottBot on your Slack, Discord, Twitter or Discourse and get started on engaging your community members better.


Is it free?

YES! ScottBot is completely free to use. As a community manager, you may be juggling through multiple tasks at hand on a daily basis. We made this tool to help you take one thing off your mind. No strings attached.


How to install ScottBot?

ScottBot is easy to install on your Slack, Discord, Twitter or Discourse community. To get access, sign up on the link above, we'll email you a user guide. Few simple steps and you can get started immediately!

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