Everything your team needs to retain customers, at your fingertips

Threado AI agent helps teams to find instant, accurate answers. Past ticket summaries, information across the company’s products and services, available in one click

Become the product know-it-all

Let Threado AI answer everything related to your product, services, and company. Summary of previous ticket resolutions, learning from past Slack conversations, data needed to answer queries, automated response standardized to your brand’s tone - let Threado AI worry everything.

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Retain customers by making them fall in love with your product

Trust Threado AI to give detailed and expert-like answers to everything your customer need and beyond. Enhance efficiency by minimizing the effort needed for searching, following up, and crafting replies.

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Personlized support at scale

Effortlessly route customer queries to their dedicated agent, ensuring every interaction feels like a VIP experience!

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AI at Your Service: 24/7

Empower your customer success team with AI that provides instant, accurate responses around the clock. No more waiting for expert responses —our AI learns from every interaction and data source for unparalleled support.

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Threado has been a game changer in supporting our Notion community around the world. Truly one of my favorite teams in tech today and I often think about how much time I save because of all of their innovative features. As always excited to see the next step in the product with AI and so happy for the team 🙌

Francisco C.
Global Community Lead, Notion

Gen AI is only as strong as your knowledge base and what we saw with Threado AI is that with proper documentation, it’s 99% accurate in answering questions. After integrating and training on internal docs, the answers put together were very nice. Threado AI has turned into our go-to source for all information. And not just support but customer success, sales, and even engineering have started using it.

Prasun Choudhury
Senior Director Solutions Engineering, MoEngage

With Threado AI, we can just ask the question without having to manually go through our entire knowledge base. Instead of having our team scour through each account and their information, all of it is just one question away on Threado AI. Icing on the cake is that the tool also gives us the source of the information provided which makes Threado AI behave like our very own search engine!

Neil Choudhuri
Business Operations and Customer Service,  OnJuno.

Because Threado AI helps resolve 50-100 queries every day, the ticket volume per agent remains tremendously under control, and despite an increase in product users, we haven’t seen an increase in support tickets per agent. Threado AI is essential to us, no doubt about it, and with the volume, Threado AI’s importance will also grow along with it; we will rely more and more on Threado AI.

Savian Boroancă
Head of Community, Sessions
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