The customer support guidebook that uncovers everything from the art of building teams from scratch to the future of customer support with AI.
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Unlock 100+ hours of support insights detailed into nine comprehensive sections and a goldmine of curated resources for free!

Invaluable, extensive, comprehensive

9 sections covering the realm of customer support put together through in-depth research and industry insights.

Learn from the best in the industry

Features invaluable lessons, insights, and ideas from support leaders who have successfully built and scaled support teams.

One-stop shop for all things support

A curated list of podcasts, events, articles, expert advice and tools crafted for global support teams.

Have fun while you’re at it

This guide has been designed with interactive and visual elements that make it fun and informative at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly will Support OS help me with?
Support OS is intended to serve as a guide to crafting an exceptionally good customer support process that will ensure that you have a great team and improve customer experiences. This guide also focuses on how AI is reshaping the future of customer support.
How to read Support OS?
There are 9 sections followed by another section that features a curated list of resources - support leaders, podcasts, events, templates, and more. Each section can be read individually but has been written in an order that progresses from building teams to the involvement of AI and customer conversations. It has been written in a way that can be easily referenced anytime.
Why should I trust Support OS?
This guide is an amalgamation of hours of research and features insights from industry leaders who have talked about proven strategies that work for customer support. In-depth explainers and interactive visual elements make this guide comprehensive while also elevating your experience while reading it.
Can I contribute to Support OS?
Of course! We are just as keen about learning new things as you are. If there’s something you want to share with the world about support, we will gladly include it in the relevant section and credit you for it!
What are member custom views that I get with the paid plans?
Member custom views are the custom cohorts of members that you can view by applying filters on the members dashboard. You will get 3 member custom views for the Basic Plan and unlimited for both Pro Plan and Enterprise Plan.
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