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Join us and shape the future of community-led growth

We believe communities are going to be the building blocks of the internet. As products become commoditized, community-led growth is becoming the most sustainable approach to building and scaling a business. We are on a mission to help shape this community-led future.

We are a team with decades of experience in community building and building products that serve a global audience. Join us in our journey and build the next generation of tools that empower community builders.

What we value

Community first

Prioritise actions that help community builders create memorable community experiences.

Solution focused

Leverage technology to build solutions that add value to community builders at scale.

1% Done

Done is better than perfect. We're always 1% done and constantly improving.

Meet our team

Abhishek Amat

Software QA Engineer

Abhishek Nalin

Co-founder and CTO

Akshat Dhabi

Product Manager

Aryan Pareek

Growth Associate

Ashwin Balaji Shekher

Senior Software Engineer

Avinash Srivastava

Senior Software Engineer

Bhuvan T

Lead Product Designer

Darshana Sunil Sahu

Senior Software Engineer

Deepankar Dey

Software QA Engineer

Esha Hedaoo

Customer Success Lead

Ganesh Hubale

Senior QA Engineer

Harshavardhan Reddy

Senior Software Engineer

Hritika Singh

Marketing Associate

James K J

Senior Software Engineer

Karthik Krishnapandi

Head of Product

Kumar Gaurav

Senior Software Engineer

Maithreye Murali Reddy

Marketing Lead

Motasim Rahman Kazmi

Software Engineer

Nitesh Arora

Graphics Designer

Pramod Rao

Co-Founder and CEO

Priyanshu Anand

Marketing Associate

Sachin Sarawgi

Lead Software Engineer

Shalini Nair Tekwani

Growth Lead

Sharath Kuruganty

Head of Community

Srishti Agarwal

No-Code Creator

Supriya Puri

Growth Manager

Utsav Gupta

Senior Sales Manager

Let's build together