Community Automation Templates

A treasure chest of carefully handcrafted templates that can automate critical workflows for your community in a few seconds.

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What are Community Automation Templates?

These templates are an embodiment of some top-notch use cases distilled and curated after having amazing conversations with hundreds of community builders and understanding thousands of essential engagement workflows.

How to use these templates?

  • Signup to Threado app
  • Integrate your community with Threado
  • Replicate a template on the Automations dashboard
  • Customise it, activate it!
  • Select a template that can be set on Zapier or other tools of your choice
  • Log into Zapier or other platform
  • Click on the Use with button and recreate the template

What puts Threado ahead of the curve?

Some of these templates can only exclusively be used with Threado. And the best part is - setting them up is as easy as replicating it which can be done with the click of a button. You don’t have to worry about data either, Threado processes everything on the dashboard and presents them as actionable insights to drive better engagement.

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Activate, onboard, and delight members even when you’re asleep so your community never stops buzzing.


Choose from a deck of varying and amazing templates that has you covered even as your community scales.
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Why do I need templates?

Although automation is quite well-known, it’s still uncommon in the community space. We wanted to change that and this is why automation is one of the key features of Threado. But we also realized that getting started with automations, especially in the beginning, can be a bit challenging. These templates exist to help give you a place to start and make your life easier.


How can I be sure that these templates really work?

All of these templates have been brought to life after months of research, interactions, first-hand experiences, and trial & error. We’ve spoken to hundreds of community builders and taken into account critical workflows that can be beneficial to community engagement if automated.


What can I achieve with these templates?

These templates range across various categories to consider critical community-building use cases. They can help you automate critical tasks like onboarding, activating, engaging, and even conducting surveys in your community at scale. You can free yourself from a mountain of manual tasks and truly focus on the important things.


How can I use these templates?

The templates are not specific to one tool or one platform. However, it’s easier to work with them directly on Threado’s dashboard where you can use them by simply replicating them. Otherwise, you can recreate some of the templates with Zapier or other automation tools, whichever you’re comfortable with.


What if I want to change the templates?

Most definitely! These templates have been designed to be self-sufficient i.e. you can directly activate them without making many changes. But they’ve also been generalised to fit the needs of all kinds of communities. So you can easily customize everything from the workflows and actions and even the messaging to better fit your community needs.

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