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How can Threado help activate your community

It’s everything that a community needs; the command centre for your online community. Threado lets you take complete control over your community by doing more than just visualizing data. It goes beyond analytics to offer significant actionable insights and automation that can help supercharge your community-building experience.

What makes Threado any different from other community-building tools?

Threado was formulated on the visionary idea that community building is the future and through an understanding that Community Builders can be revered as the architects of this future. After interactions with hundreds of Community builders, leaders, experts, creators, and managers, Threado understood what building a community really is all about, even at the most granular levels.

Soon came the realization that there aren’t any tools out there that let community builders leverage complete control over their communities. It became apparent what Threado should and always stand for - give them a tool that helps make community management unimaginably easier with the help of analytics, customized interactions, and workflow automation.

Why all can I do with Threado?

Amongst more dynamic things that you can do using Threado, here’s a summary of what sets it apart -

  • Analytics - Get a birds-eye view of your community and everything that’s going on in there. Have an overview of engagement and keep an eye out for changing patterns by comparing metrics. Threado gives you the information about who the most active and engaged members were in the community. You can directly send them DMs or acknowledge their contributions to the community.
  • Targeted Messaging / campaigns- Define custom member cohorts based on your strategies or metrics. You can send personalized messages in bulk to these members.
  • Community support - It can be difficult to handle communications in larger communities so Threado lets you keep track of questions or posts that didn’t have any engagement. You can engage directly from the dashboard.
  • Automation -  One of the key features that make Threado stand out is automating critical community-building tasks. You can set workflows to automate processes like - onboarding, activation, engagement, and retention.

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