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Community insights

Scale your community with real-time analytics and actionable insights.

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Loved by fast-growing community-led organizations

Get a bird’s-eye view of your community
Get a snapshot of overall activity, top members, and view key metrics effortlessly and take prompt actions, wherever needed.
Identify and nurture your champions
Identify champions, lurkers, dormant users, understand their engagement behaviour and personalize your reach outs.
Be on top of trending topics and community sentiment
Get a deeper understanding of channel-level and topic-level breakdown of engagement, sentiment pulse, discussion topics, and more.
Retain members who’re slipping away
View month-on-month retention metrics and members who are at risk of churning out.
Improve response times and provide world-class support
View response rate to community queries, median first response time, team's performance and more.
Insights delivered to your workspace
Set up Slack Alerts to schedule relevant reports to be delivered at the right time, to the right team in your workspace.
From insights to action with Threado
Helping you take data-driven decisions for your community.
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