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Signing up, creating, and integrating your community with Threado

Open https://app.threado.com

You’ll be prompted to Login or Signup.

Threado will ask you to Create Community once you’ve logged/signed in.

Enter your Organization Name and your Community Name before you create your community.

For the purposes of this guide, as an example, let’s create a community called Test Community. Once that’s done, you will have to integrate this newly created community into the platform where it’s hosted.

Threado gives you options to integrate Slack, Discord, Twitter, Github, and Discourse communities. Depending on whichever platform your community is hosted, click on the Add Integration button corresponding to that option.

For this example, let’s connect to a Slack Community.

You’ll be redirected to Slack where you will have to give permission to integrate Threado with your Slack workspace.

Note - not more than 10 apps in the free workspace, admin rights to integrate for both slack and discord. the owner of the community will have rights to add or delete staff members.

Once you Allow permission for integration, you will be redirected to the Community Dashboard under Settings on the Threado app. All your community Public channels will be automatically listed and from now onwards, any changes made to your community will be synced on the  dashboard.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully integrated your community platform with Threado.

You can integrate with all 5 available platforms simultaneously. If you have communities on other platforms, integrate them here following the same process as shown in this doc.

Create Community lets you add another workspace on the Threado dashboard. Follow this exact same process if you wish to do so.

There are two ways to navigate or toggle between the communities you’ve created -

  1. When you login again to the Threado app, you’ll see an option to choose which community you would like to see the dashboard for.

2. Click on the first button on the top-left corner of the dashboard. From the drop-down displaying the list of all communities you’ve created, select the one you wish to switch to.

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