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Using filters to create custom member cohorts

Your community is a vibrant collection of folks from all walks of life. This means that the way your community functions is directly impacted by how people interact with each other.

Now, if people are so different, there should be a way for you to be able to identify members of your community based on a spectrum of parameters to create custom member cohorts and take actions accordingly.

How you interact with your community plays an integral role in shaping the progress of community engagement in the long haul.

On the dashboard, you can apply filters to create customer cohorts and then take actions such as sending them personalized bulk messages and tagging them.

For example - say you want to take a look at the members who have been active in the Last 7 days.

From the above example - a list of all active members in the Last 7 days will be show when you apply the filter.

You can apply multiple filters as well to further narrow down the list of members and personalize it as much as you want.

In the same example - let’s say you want to also add a filter to only view the active members in the last 7 days but only on specific channels. Here’s how you can do that -

Now, you’ve successfully added filters that let you view active members in channels of your choice in the past week.

Another cool feature is that you can save this filter and it gets recorded into the Custom Filters section on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Next time you open Members Dashboard, directly navigate to Custom Filters and apply the one you saved. Also, you have two options here-

  • Use Custom Filters that you’ve saved for easier future reference.
  • Use Smart Filters which are pre-defined Threado filters. You have two options within this as well -
  • Active Members - Apply to filter members who’ve been active in the past week.
  • Inactive Members - Apply to filter members who’ve been inactive in the past week.

Now that you know how to use filters to create custom members cohorts, let’s see how you can Send Bulk Messages.

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