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Get actionable insights, automate your community workflows and activate more members across Slack, Discord, Discourse and other platforms.

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Nurture community champions

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Personalize your interactions

Send targeted messages to a custom cohort of members across channels.
  • Target members based on level of engagement
  • Tag members, filter and save custom cohort views
  • Send an instant personalized DM at scale
  • Export data for further analysis

Automate community workflows

From providing a welcoming onboarding experience to re-engaging inactive members.
  • Craft journeys using our visual workflow builder
  • Automate messages, conduct surveys and capture responses
  • Leverage templates to activate your community

Effortless integrations

Works seamlessly with the tools you use

Get actionable insights

Know who's engaged in your community and who needs a nudge.
  • Engage with your core contributors
  • Configure levels of engagement
  • Create and target specific member segments

Provide blazing fast support

One does not simply leave a query unanswered in the community.
  • Search messages by keyword
  • View and respond to unanswered questions