Community OS

Pointers for creating space for conversations

Every community is different but one thing is certain that all communities want to help members connect with and help each other. So while thinking about the space you want to create, think about what would help members express themselves and what's relevant to help community members get to their outcomes.

Some pointers:

  • Go for a platform that users are most comfortable with. Examples below:
    1) Professionals? Slack
    2) Gen-Z or Devs? Discord
    3) Async interactions? Forum
  • When starting out with a small cohort (<50 members), don't go overboard in terms of channels. Keep it simple - a space for members to introduce themselves, a QnA channel, and a general chit-chat area + maybe an announcements section.
  • For larger communities, it makes sense to create channels that help segment various categories of conversation within the community.
  • Some channel ideas for communities on Slack, Discord or Circle:
    1) Gratitude - to show support to one another
    2) Amplify - help the community amplify each others content on social media
    3) Offers - a space for members to share what they can offer help on
    4) Asks - a space for members to post specific asks where they need help
    5) Showcase or Promote-your-stuff - to allow members to share their creations
    6) Jobs - to post any job opportunities relevant to the community
    7) Perks - to post perks or benefits that are exclusive to the community
    8) Support - for any support tickets community wants to raise
    9) Feedback - for community to share feedback around the product or community
    10) Random - for water-cooler conversations (and memes)
    11) Resources or Reading list - share relevant resources or content relevant to the community
    12) Community-led channels - empower the community to create channels around specific topics

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