Community Roundup

Look back at 2022 and share your wins as you reflect on how far has your Slack or Discord community come.

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Take a minute to celebrate your community, YOU deserve it!

Suhas Motwani

"So exciting to see the community wrap feature coming together, thanks Team Threado Can't believe we've grown this much in a year, 2023 is going to be amazing for the product & community space."

Founder, The Product Folks

Savian Boroancă

"The community roundup from Threado is exactly what we needed to wrap up the year with. Seeing my community's progress fills me with a sense of gratitude and the fun part is I get to share it on social. Thanks Team Threado!"

Head of Community, Sessions

Satvik Jagannath

"Great product @Sharath and @Pramod ! Very interesting product. Wish you a successful PH launch. We have a community, will check it out."

C0-founder and CEO,

Prashant Mahajan

"This is great. Something I can share my team to plan for 2023."


Olivier van den Hoogen

"Very cool initiative. Congrats!"

Co-founder, Bubbles

Diana Shevtsova

"Really like the way it looks. Congratulations on the launch!"

Community Manager

Community RoundUp for your Slack or Discord community

Scranton Community's year in rear view mirror! 2022 edition

Take a look in the rearview mirror

Growth in the community, how many new joined, most active month, what were the most used keywords, who were the community champions, and so many more insights.

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Give your network a gateway into these stats by sharing them on socials, posting on your community platform, or sending them as outreach email campaigns.


We got answers

What is community roundup?

It’s like a simple goodbye to this year and as the name suggests, a roundup of all the efforts that you’ve put into building this community, represented through key stats and metrics. Take a quick look at how far you’ve come this year.

How can I get it for my community?

Signup to and integrate your community platform. Community roundup is only available for Slack and Discord platforms. After that, your community’s 2022 metrics will be automatically summarized which you can then check out and share with your network.

How can I share it?

You can share it on your socials - Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram or share it via email. Even better, you can share it directly with your community using Outreach by Threado or post it on your community platform. Or, download the cards to directly share them with your network.

You can nominate your entries till 3rd December. After that, final nominations will be announced for public voting from 3rd December to 12th January. We will then count the votes and announce the winner on 16th January.

We have something special in store for all winners. Winners will also receive a Community Superhero trophy and exclusive merchandise.

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