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Importance of Brand Communities

👫 Brand communities are an extension of what the brand signifies. It's a group of like-minded people who relate to the brand and their products.

🤗 It isn't a marketing strategy anymore. It's much bigger - a personalized way to reach out to the loyal users who connect to the traits of the brand.

📱 There are tonnes of online brand communities that exist today - across multiple community platforms, in addition to their social handles.

🤔 Why has brand community become more relevant in the space, today? 👇

(1) 💪 Identify your power user - Community can help identify users who are active, loyal & potentially can be an extension of the community.

Ex - Find an influencer who uses the product. He/She can promote the product better when there's a first hand connect to the product.

(2) 💬 See an increased engagement over the brand.

Users connect & engage over content- it relates to a personal problem which is being solved by the brand's products

Ex - Users engage with anecdotal references from personal fitness journeys over content shared by a D2C wellness brand

(3) 👨‍🎤 Users can help with word-of-mouth marketing

Show the users the value they can draw from the community. That's all that it takes to drive a viral word-of-mouth.

Ex - A coffee brand that's just launched extends free samples for members, brewing methods, etc.

(4) 🤝 Help users meet like-minded folks

Brand communities inspire people to connect over similar passions and network better.

Ex - A D2C brand selling baby products connects mothers in the same boat, coming together by sharing their experiences and motivating each other.

(5) 👥 Build a treasured customer pool

Feedbacks, polls, etc. becomes much significant to the customers since they've invested their money in the brand's products.

Ex - A D2C cosmetic brand asking feedback for an existing shampoo variant.

(6) 🔄 Deepen customer relationships

Members become a part of the brand's inner circle - giving them access to exclusive discounts, content, new launches, etc.

Ex - A brand launching new protein powder (manufactured basis feedback from users) extends an XY% off.

(7) 📈 Get your go-to-market strategies right

Be it content or new product - you have a sample set of users who are constantly giving you feedback basis their actions taken within the community.

Ex - Brand pushing valid SEO content basis most engaged topics.

Shalini Nair Tekwani

Shalini leads all things growth at Threado. Prior to Threado, she was leading Zomato Bangalore's marketing team.

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